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Which worktop material for an outdoor kitchen?

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Which worktop material should you choose for an outdoor kitchen?

Over the last ten to 15 years, we’ve watched the growing trend of outdoor kitchens and really enjoy working on them. They really transform a garden into a stunning entertainment space and once installed, many of our clients have said they use their outdoor spaces more than they ever have.

Choosing the right worksurface for your outdoor kitchen is crucial. It needs to withstand the elements while maintaining its beauty and functionality. Here are our top recommendations:

Can I use natural stone for an outdoor kitchen?

This might seem obvious but for outdoor kitchens, natural stones like granite and quartzite are unmatched. These natural materials are some of the toughest on the planet, making them ideal for withstanding outdoor conditions. Granite and quartzite are incredibly hardwearing and durable, resisting scratches, heat, and the wear and tear of daily use.

While these stones require sealing once a year and pretty prompt cleaning of spills to prevent staining, their longevity is well worth the effort and cost. They can also be refurbished, repolished, and cleaned by specialists like Athena Stonecare, making sure they look beautiful for years and spreading that initial cost over a long lifetime. Natural stones also have the advantage of retaining their colour and pattern despite UV exposure, unlike many man-made materials.

Can I use quartz for an outdoor kitchen?

While man-made materials like quartz are popular for indoor kitchens, they aren’t the best choice for outdoor use. These materials typically lack high UV resistance and can fade and degrade over time when exposed to the sun and varying weather conditions.

Can I use porcelain or ceramic for any outdoor kitchen?

Porcelain and ceramics, although more resilient than quartz, still suffer from colour fading and pattern degradation due to UV exposure in the long term. There is also the issue of frost damage if you live somewhere that the temperatures can drop below zero for several days at a time.

Should I reinforce my kitchen worktop?

If your outdoor kitchen setup includes heavy appliances or you plan to store substantial items on your worksurfaces, reinforcement is essential. Ensuring your surfaces are adequately supported according to the weight they’ll bear will prevent damage and prolong their lifespan. Additionally, as with any worksurface, it’s important to avoid standing on them to prevent unnecessary stress and potential cracking.

These days, an outdoor kitchen is more than just a functional space; it’s an extension of your interior and a place to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. By choosing the right materials and relying on expert craftsmanship, your outdoor kitchen can become a standout feature that enhances your home’s value and your outdoor living experience.

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