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Worktop care

General Care & Maintenance of Worktops


• Always clean your work top regularly. We would advise using mild soapy water, rinsed, then dried with a soft clean cloth. 

• Clear spillages on your work tops, wipe off using a kitchen towel. Many food products contain acids and colourings which if left, can dull or stain the appearance of your surfaces. 

• Wipe down your tops after use as this will reduce the risk of lime scale build up. 

• Always use a chopping board when preparing food. 

• Avoid impacts with heavy objects as they will chip edges. Place things carefully in under mount sinks avoiding the stone edges. 


• Do not lean near the cut outs for the hob, sink or the overhang of breakfast bars. 

• Do not sit, kneel or stand on your worktops, they will break. 

• Do not put hot pans directly onto worktops it will damage them. 

• Do not apply excessive heat to the worktops of any kind it will damage them. 

• Do not place large pans on the back of the hob as they conduct heat to the splashback and can cause damage, discolouration and cracking. 

• Do not wind up the support legs on the furniture once tops are fitted. 

• Do not leave acidic products on Marble surfaces as it will remove shine (Acidic products citrus fruits, Alcohol, vinegars, ketchups, if you are not sure wipe it off). 

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