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Natural Stone

Classico Marble use the highest quality natural stones, they are sourced through reputable distribution in the UK. Classico Stock comes directly from Italy.  From our stock colours, we produce high quality sample sets for our clients and are able to provide a sample service to your clients. 

Quartz Stone

Classico Marble’s quality starts and finishes with the materials we use.  It is the flatness, consistent thickness, lack of colour variations and low resin content that ensures the optimum final result.  For this reason we have selected the very best Italian manufacturers for our quartz (engineered stone) products.  Our aim is to provide the very best quality material with no commercial disadvantage, and in our opinion, these are the best.  However, we can source from most manufacturers if the client has a specific need. 

NSF Certification

Is your countertop food safe? Whether you are beginning a kitchen remodel, a bathroom update, or you are a restaurateur looking to make some changes to your kitchen it is important to consider what materials have gone into the production of your countertop. 

As a leading fabricator, we at Classico Marble are always willing to work with materials that are responsibly sourced and sustainable, but a prerequisite for us is that they carry NSF certification.  In a world of quartz production with no control over machinery or ingredients NSF is the only protection we can offer to ensure the end users and their families are not exposed to contamination from unsafe ingredients in the worktop material.

So what is NSF Certification? When a surface is tested and certified by NSF International for food contact, they have verified that the composition and that the finish will not leach harmful chemicals that could contaminate food or make the surface difficult to clean and sanitize.  To protect your clients, their families & friends; we strongly urge you to check recheck your main worktop suppliers to ensure that they remain NSF certified.

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