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What is certified quartz?

What is certified quartz?

We look at certfied quartz and why it is important for every house builder, property developer, design studio, interior designer and homeowner.

Whether you are designing a new kitchen for a client, beginning a kitchen remodel, a bathroom update, or you are a restauranteur looking to make some changes to your kitchen, it is important to consider what materials have gone into the production of your countertop. 

Stone Italiana certified quartz as specified by Elementi Cucina for a large kitchen project in a residential property

Why is it important?

In the UK there are no regulations controlling what your worktop or countertop material has been made from. This means there is often no way of knowing what is in the worktop material and how it will perform when it comes into contact with heat from nearby appliances, pressure from the weight of countertop appliances and people leaning on it, and general daily usage. Nor if it will give off harmful fumes into the air or leach chemicals into the food and drink being prepared on or near it.

As a leading fabricator, we at Classico Marble are always willing to work with materials that are responsibly sourced and sustainable, but a prerequisite for us is that they carry NSF certification.  

Is your countertop food safe? 

In a world of quartz production with no control over machinery or ingredients, NSF certification is the only protection we can offer to ensure the end users and their families are not exposed to contamination from unsafe ingredients in the worktop material.

So what is NSF Certification? 

When a surface is tested and certified by NSF International for food contact, they have verified that the composition and that the finish will not leach harmful chemicals that could contaminate food or make the surface difficult to clean and sanitise.  To protect your clients, their employees, families and friends; we strongly urge you to check (and recheck) your chosen worktop suppliers or brand on the NSF website to ensure that they are and remain NSF certified as food safe.

How do I do this?

You can check the NSF website. Type the name of your preferred worktop material brand or company into the search bar on the NSF site here: NSF.org. The certification you are looking for is NSF / ANSI 51 certification.

Another useful certification

We would also recommend checking the UL Spot database to check if your worktop or countertop material has been verified as low VOC. Low VOC means that the material contains a reduced amount of VOCs compared to other materials. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can easily become vapours or gasses, and can be toxic to inhale. The gold standard certification that you are looking for on the UL Spot database is the GreenGuard Gold certification. Check the UL Spot database here: UL Spot

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